Monday, March 1, 2010

Guest Thank you Note

Dear Penny and Doug,
What a great little place! Ric asked me last night where I wanted to retire, to which I promptly responded. "HERE!"
The Flowers are beautiful. Stargazer Lillie's are on of my favorites. They were smelling up the whole place by the time we left.
As I started reading one of your Ann Rule books off your bookshelf (one of my favorite authors!), I looked out the windows and wondered if you could see her house from here?! I took you up on the offer and took the book home.
By the way, Ric is *snoring* on the massage table as I write this! One of many moments that has put a smile on my face since we got here yesterday.
Speaking of Ric, it turns out he is an excellent cook! Best toast, scramble eggs and oatmeal I've had!
Everything has been great. The food, the fireplace, flowers,even the yummy rosemary mist soap! I hate leaving.
We will retire the very day our youngest, now only 16 mos old graduates high school. If perhaps around that same time you guys decide to sell this adorable little piece of heaven, please keep our contact information and be sure to find us.
Thank you for the generous "upgrade" to the cottage. It was a much needed break for the two of us to spend time together, without interruption of day to day life.
Keriann and Ric from WA

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