Thursday, December 24, 2009

Patches Pals

Attention all you Patches Pals out there!

Tune your radios for AM 1090 tonight at 7:00p and hear JP, I mean Chris Wedes, play the crotchety Mr. Potter in a special Holiday Broadcast of The Seattle Radio Theater Groups production of "It's A Wonderful Life".

Last week Penny and I attended the live performance of the show which stars Pat Cashman as George Bailey and Chris Wedes (better known as Julius Peirpont Patches) as old man Potter. Chris is a rare breed of all-around entertainer, actor and comedian who convincingly makes the theatrical leap from witty clown to the ill-tempered Potter. The performance is being re-broadcast at 7:00p tonight in the Seattle area on AM 1090. You can also see and hear the performance on the AM 1090 web site:

Remember, it’s better to be a Patches Pal than a Boris Buddy!

Merry Christmas Eve Everyone.

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